Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ikea Anyone?

The one store I haven't made it to with motherinlaw is Ikea and it's too late to take her now because she leaves on Sunday.  I love taking Ikea virgins shopping, it's like watching someone get their first heroin fix, but it's probably just as well we didn't go.  Motherinlaw would run over innocent shoppers with the cart she insists on pushing (but is incapable of steering) and want to buy everything in the store.  Then I would have to figure out how to ship it all to her home without taking out a second mortgage to pay the shipping fees.

So now I just have to fit in a day at Ikea between now and September 24th when I start school.  Somehow I think I will find a way.  I've been lusting over their new fabrics ever since I got the catalog and my sewing machine is up and ready for action.

Picture found via Design Talk


EmBee said...

My home is filled with furniture but I swear every time I hit IKEA I am bound and determined to fit one more piece somewhere... It's like a crack addiction.

C said...

There's a new IKEA that just opened around here 6 months or so ago, but I haven't been yet ( I actually haven't been to an IKEA since college and ther was one in the mall that I worked at.) There were people camped out in this new IKEA parking lot 2 DAYS before the store opened! I guess people love themselves some IKEA!

MOM #1 said...

I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like Ikea. The one we have not too far from here is like 100 football fields big and you have to bring along a sleeping bag and snacks to get through the whole thing, LOL. I guess I'm easily overwhelmed or maybe I'm just too attached to the old used hand me down furniture type things that we have around the house (NOT!) or maybe I'm just too poor to enjoy it all . . . anyway!

Thanks for stopping by my blog . . . It's always nice to stumble across a fellow homeschooling Mom.

MOM #1 said...

P. S.

Don't you just LOVE The Jason Show?