Thursday, September 25, 2008

Playing Heroscape - aka, Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies

Thing two finally found a game he likes and I can understand.  It takes a minimal amount of set-up, doesn't take weeks to play, and is enough like a normal game so as not to make me want to flay the flesh from my body.
I did drink wine while playing.  So shoot me.

Thing two made sure all of our little men made the appropriate noises when they made their various moves.  Deaths were gruesome and noisy.

The little man in the blue cape was important.  I have no idea why.


C said...

The little man in the blue cape is important because he's a super hero, GAWD! Hence the cape...DUH! (in case you can't tell, I totally made that up. I have no idea what the hell you guys are doing in these pictures.) LOL Now, if you were playing Barbies, I'd totally get that (having 2 girls and all.) :)


Shelly... said...

Looks like fun (I mean the drinking wine part).