Friday, September 26, 2008

Canbert the Robot

Thing two built a very cool little robot from a tin can and a kit we bought at the new game store in town.  Of course, husband had to get in on the action.  Thing two was very impressed when husband showed him how to fix a not-working joint piece with chewing gum.

All three of my guys with Canbert.  This picture pretty much sums up their personalities perfectly.

Here's the newest addition to the family.  After much discussion (read, yelling and screaming) he was christened Canbert the Robot.

Dog does not like Canbert very much.  He makes noise and walks funny.  But she tolerates him because she is a VERY GOOD dog.


MOM #1 said...

He's so cute.

I love the big bug eyes.

If that doggy didn't try to get Canbert, then he is a very very good dog. I don't know if mine would have had the will power.

chriskauf said...

I bought that print at Annechovie on Etsy , if you come back to my blog there is a post with a link you just have to scroll down the page.
Thanks for leaving a comment.

Shelly... said...

Very cool! I want a Canbert so I can make my dogs even more crazy than they are!