Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Onto a New Chapter

School starts for me today.  After starting at community college in 2004 and inching along a little at a time just taking one class per quarter, I finally realized that I'd never finish unless I went full-time.  It took 5 quarters of full-time classes to get to the 2 year mark and now I'm starting at the University of Washington.

I'm not nervous, just excited.  The school is a satellite that shares the campus with the community college I attended so I know the campus inside and out already, including the library, bookstore, and most importantly, the COFFEE CARTS!  So I have the bonus of not having to navigate in unfamiliar territory.  And I have to admit, it will be nice not sharing a classroom with running start students.  They are sharp as whips and a big asset to every class they are in but it is unnerving to be working on group projects with kids only two or three years older than daughter.  I had one group meeting at my house last year and decided never to do it again when daughter remarked on how "hawt" one of my group members was.

Somehow it feels like this is the beginning of something new and big for me.  I don't know what's coming, but it will be an interesting ride.  Of course I have a plan, but anyone who knows me knows that my idea of a plan is more like a general outline and could change at any moment.  (Especially if I can convince husband that Las Vegas would be a very nice place to live!)  But for now, I am off to class in search of the coveted 4.0.

I can't let scientistgeekbrother beat me in the grade department!


Shelly... said...

Why yes, Las Vegas would be a great place for you guys to live! :) Seriously though I am very proud of you for going back to school and kicking ASS at it! Bonus to already know the campus so well too. Have FUN!

MOM #1 said...

New beginnings are often wrought with anxiety, anxiousness, anticipation and fear ~ all rolled into one ~ so what you're feeling is totally normal.

Good Luck!