Thursday, September 4, 2008

News Flash - There are HAWT GUYS in high school

Daughter loves her teachers, art is awesome, humanities teacher is hysterically funny and there are HAWT GUYS in all her classes.  Taking a different bus to tutoring after school is no big deal because there were lots of HAWT GUYS that talked to her.  And in the halls, a HAWT GUY thought she was a new transfer upperclasswoman (girl) rather than the lowly freshman that she is.  In Spanish class, another HAWT GUY sat in front of her and checked her out.

Holy shit, shoot me now.  This is karma kicking my ass for my own teenage years.  I can hear my father laughing all the way from Las Vegas.

Is it too late for Catholic boarding school?


Jason said...

Uh huhhhhhh. Riiiiight. Welcome.

uncle al said...

Nothing will ever replace the deep satisfaction I felt after scaring the hell out of yet another another pimply-faced, over-sexed young Lothario and watching him race down the street as fast as his ratty-assed sneakers could carry him. I hope Abdi has as much fun as I did.

Shelly... said...

God you have a long 4 years ahead of you! All those hormones! I will be there for ya!

Cinch said...

I know husband has a bunch of shovels and plenty of acreage out back, but he needs get to work on his gun collection, asap. I think dad and I should come up for her first date and have a little gun polishing session with the poor guy.