Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Stepmonster and Me (apologies to Shrek fans everywhere)

Friday night we got our party on with my Dad, Stepmonster and the rest of the family.  They were here all weekend for my, um, Step-Uncle's (?) wedding and festivities.  The family tree got pretty complicated when Dad married a woman 16 years younger than him who is also YOUNGER than my husband - her soninlaw - who is 12 years older than me.  Got that? 
 No?  Good.  I'm aiming for total confusion.  Stepmonster's little sister, my AUNT, is just 20.  And her mother, my kids GREAT-GRANDMOTHER, is younger than my father, their grandfather.  We have so much fun fucking with people when they ask about our family tree! 

As you can see, I hold Stepmonster in the highest regard and have nothing but respect for her wisdom and authority over me.

The other reason we get along so well is our shared love of and devotion to red wine.  (And margaritas - Stepmonster makes the best damn margaritas in the known universe - but we restrained ourselves to only one alcoholic beverage out of respect for motherinlaw who might have exploded with the scandal of her daughterinlaw drinking not one but TWO types of alcohol in a few short hours.  The things I do for my family, the sacrifices I make.  Sigh.)


C said...

Awww...fun! No fair! You guys look beautiful! I'm glad you get along so well. :)

This post cracked me up BTW--your writing was awesome & very funny.

Jason said...

I am so very confused.

But I like that your family tree is less conventional. I like watching peoples' heads spin when I explain MY family tree.