Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day at Lake Chelan

Thing Two pulling Thing One out on the floatie.  Thing One is very cautiously enjoying his cast-free existence and finally getting to go swimming for the first time this summer.

Thing Two mocking a sculpture in Chelan.  Whose kid is that?  Certainly not mine.  I teach my children to respect and revere art, not make fun of it.  What?  Quit laughing...

Thing Two finally mastered the art of rock skipping, he got up to four skips with one rock.  We're so proud.

Daughter and Husband on the balcony.  He is trying to restrain himself from covering her up with a turtleneck and baggy sweats.  Men have such a hard time with their baby girls growing up and it doesn't help that she's 13 but looks way way older.  Sigh.

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