Thursday, January 1, 2009

What Happened?

2009?  Ooops, I missed the big intro.  I've been busy cleaning carpets - it was THAT GOOD of a party for some (and you know who you are!).

Happy New Year, I'm going back to bed!


Kate said...

At least you cleaned carpets.
I did dishes - does that count?
ha ha ha ha ha!

Happy New Year.

C said...

Yeah, parties are over here too--now I need to catch some of that cleaning illness you have b/c my house looks like a bomb went off. SIGH

MOM #1 said...

Well . . . It's easy to CLAIM you had a hot party, but I want to see some pictures.

Oh, when you're done cleaning your house, come on over . . . I left some dirt for you. ;-)