Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hybrid Powers Activate!

This may just be my ticket to a new car!  I don't really need a new car, mine is perfectly good, but it's five years old and I'm tired of it.  My poor poor husband.  Who would have thought to power their powerless house with their car?  Obviously this guy did but I sure as hell wouldn't.  I found this story on Kicking Tires, one of my secondary drugs I turn to when I'm all out of heroin.

Now I have to go ask husband what an inverter is while showing 
him this story and cool pictures of hybrid cars.  Maybe I'll make a subliminal recording to play while he sleeps!

This isn't a hybrid but isn't it COOL?  (Photo courtesy of Autosavant, more fuel for my habit.) The Chevy Tahoe Hybrid is RIDICULOUS but it's the only hybrid out there that seats enough for our family of six plus the one or two extra kids that I always seem to be carting around with us.  Hopefully there is a hybrid minivan or decent diesel SUV coming soon.

My poor husband doesn't have a prayer...


The Hotfessional said...

But do you have to go barefoot and are there holes for you to run...a'la Fred Flintstone? '-)

Kate said...

The technology we have now is just amazing!

C said...

Good luck with that one...although, GM is so desperate you can probably get it for a song!