Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun With Foreign Slang

Having Aussie here this week has been a blast!  We have rellies (relatives - I'm learning!) in Australia who visit every five years or so and Scientist Genius Brother's girlfriend is Australian (I need a shorter name for her!) so we are a little bit aquainted with Aussie slang.  HOWEVER, there is a big huge difference in the amount of slang adults use, versus the amount of slang a fourteen year old girl uses so we are getting schooled in slang.

Here are some of the words that we needed translation for:

schoolies - week long party at the beach after high school graduation
This sounds suspiciously similar to Spring Break except you go once instead of every year.  But it's still a drunken orgy on the beach for a whole week.  With Twister.  Remind me not to send daughter or the things to Australia right after high school graduation.

wagging - skipping school
HAHAHAH!  Oh, sorry.  That is NOT what I thought this was referring to.  Apparently I'm not that far off of 14 years old maturity wise.

I have it on good authority that THIS particular slang is Not. Nice.  So so sorry to everyone.  I promise to check with the Australian slang police before I do any more posts like this one.

dag - underdressed
Aussie explained this one by saying you are wearing daggy clothes if you go to a fancy formal dance wearing track pants, sneakers and a sweatshirt.  I can't wait to tell husband he wears daggy clothes!

L's, P's, Green P's - driving permit levels
I always thought green peas were a vegetable, who knew?

Aver - afternoon
This is one I had to have Aussie spell for me because her accent makes the individual sounds hard to make out and I thought she was saying 'atha'.  Or maybe age is taking it's toll and I'm not hearing so well these days.

Trollies - shopping carts
Let's go to the waterfront and ride the shopping carts!  (Shut UP!  I told you I have a juvenile sense of humor!)

Servo - gas (oh, excuse me, PETROL) station convenience store
I don't get it.

Rubber - eraser
I left this one til last because I have a Funny Story for you.  Aussie went to all of daughters classes two days this week as part of her visit and in science class she asked daughter if she could borrow her rubber.  Hilarity ensued and I'm sure the teacher had trouble keeping order for the rest of the class period.

Aussie is here until Monday morning and we are going to miss her and her slang when she goes home!


ms. changes pants while driving said...

taking a piss. this also works in england. i have an english friend and it means teasing.

so i tease her, then i say i'm just pissing on you. and she gets mad and corrects me. EVERY SINGLE TIME. it's hilarious.

wait, it might be taking the piss. i promise it's australia, too. heh. wouldn't that be funny... "hey, tell your exchange student that you're pissing on her."

no, seriously.

ms. changes pants while driving said...


auntieJeanne said...

And we thought our language was odd.
How cool of you and your family to take in an exchange student. I know she will return home with wild stories to tell of her adventure with you guys. read it anyway you want. I meant it in a good way though.

ChiTown Girl said...

There are very few of those I would have been able to guess, so thanks for the explanations!

(And, I would just go with SGB's girlfriend. Short and sweet!)

Jason, as himself said...

It's like a completely different language, isn't it?