Monday, January 19, 2009

Sailing in the Sunshine

Holy shit what was that big yellow thing in the sky yesterday?  Ohhhh, the sun.  Right.  I remember that - vaguely.  To celebrate the sunniness of the day, Stepdan, Thing 1, Daughter, Aussie and I all went out in Stepdan & Marvelous Mom's sailboat.  It's a 36' Catalina if that means anything to you.

Now, Stepdan and Marvelous Mom have had a sailboat for about five years.  Yesterday was the first time I ever went out on it due to my unfortunate habit of puking my guts out whenever I look at a picture of the ocean let alone float on top of it.  But I couldn't very well send Stepdan out with two teenage girls and a ninety-year old man in a twelve year old's body without another adult to help him so I HAD to go.  (Thank GOD for dramamine!)

As you can see, it was rough...

That's Mt. Rainier in the background.  Do you SEE how I suffered with my feet propped up on the fence thingy (daughter is snottily informing me that it's called a LIFELINE Mom, duh!)

Thing 1 got a turn at the wheel with daughter watching and telling him he's doing one thousand different things wrong and OMG she could TOTALLY steer better than him, sheesh!

When she wasn't showing off her superior sailing skills learned on her past voyages, daughter was goofing around with Aussie who had an absolute blast.  She had never been on a sailboat before but took to it like a duck to water and hitched, winched, raised & lowered things like she had been sailing all her life.

This last shot isn't particularly fabulous of the kids but it shows the apricot colored sunset that we were lucky enough to enjoy.

We had an absolutely WONDERFUL day and I am actually looking forward to going out again sometime.  In the summer.  When it's not 35 degrees and windy.  It was sunny but it sure as shit wasn't warm!


ChiTown Girl said...

Aw...looks like everyone had a great time! It may have been cold, but it still looks beautiful!

ms. changes pants while driving said...

i am totally jealous. i love the pacnw. love it. i remember the first time i saw rainier. it had been cloudy (surprise surprise) for about a week. suddenly the windshield was FULL of these weird looking clouds. and it was the side of the mountain. so gorgeous.

i love sailing. this whole post made me jealous. i can sail, but not in the open wide ocean. my sea sickness SCOFFS at dramamine. but i'm fine in the bay.

gorgeous pictures.

Kate said...


I'm jealous.

The Hotfessional said...

We had a beautifully sunny day yesterday, too. Of course, the high was 20. But hey! Positive double digits!

(By the way, my word verification thingie is "crunt". Huh.)

Elena said...

I envy you guys! Mike and I used to sail all the time. We sure do miss it. Your pictures are beautiful!

C said...

Oh, beautiful! I love the water...I haven't sailed a lot, but I do like it. Steve LOVES to sail and he'd be so jealous!