Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Air Mail!

I started blogging as a way to share pictures and funny stories with certain people in my family who have deserted us for sunnier weather.  I'm growing mold while they are tan and warm.  Jealous?  Moi?

The thing that has surprised me about blogging are all the cool people I've "met" online!  I don't remember how I found Frogdancer's blog but I was hooked the first time I read it.  She is a high school teacher in Australia and tells the FUNNIEST stories about her students.  Since I want to be a high school teacher when I grow up, it is a lot of fun reading about someone who is doing it and so obviously loves her students.

But aside from her teaching job and raising four handsome boys on her own, she also knits and sews!  And she came up with the coolest idea ever for coasters - so I bought some and they arrived today!  I love getting mail...

When I ordered my own set of these, I asked for "Persian Carpet" fabrics in deep reds, greens and gold since we have huge Persian carpets in our house that I've decorated around.  Apparently she had three different people order "Persian Carpet" coasters after they saw mine.  I am lucky someone else didn't snatch them up before she mailed them!

Here they are on the carpet so you can see what I meant.  Aren't they awesome?

How cool is this - THEY STAY ON THE WINEGLASSES!  And since they are all different they also serve as glass markers so people can remember which glass is theirs.  I love love love them!

So if you are a wine drinker (me!) and have lots of wood furniture that you don't want circle marks of red or white wine on, get thee to Frogdancer's site and order some!  Or baby hats, clothes, quilts...she makes the cutest stuff!


ms. changes pants while driving said...

it STAYS on your WINEGLASS??? holy cow. i'm totally hooked. going now to check out this magic.

Shelly... said...

Oh I can't wait to try them out when I come and visit you in Jaunuary!!!!! I will have to check her site out.
And I just want you to know that its been cold here, damn cold (only 54 right now, but of course the sun is shining which is what counts), plus the tan has faded. :)

C said...

Those are really pretty (love your rugs too)! Those are pretty much the same colors I have in my house. Love, love,love them--very rich & warm.

Don't worry--those sun worshipper relatives of your in LV will have wrinkle waaaaay before those of us who live in 6 months of gray skies! Shhh...don't tell them I said that!


Kate said...

I drink my wine so fast, there would be not time for a ring to be left on the table.

Those look awesome!

The Girl Next Door said...

totally cool - I have NEVER seen this idea before!

MOM #1 said...

That is so incredible clever!

I'm on my way over . . . wait . . . which way from Texas, LOL.