Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm Going Crazy

Don't worry, it's not a very long trip for me to get to crazy.

Thank JEEBUS on a cracker the snow is finally melting, even the kids are ready to see the end of it.  Husband and daughter went snowboarding yesterday with Stepdan and the Aussie visitors and coming home he got STUCK at the beginning of our gravel road, approximately 100 steps from our house.  He had to chain up the car and rock it for quite some time to get it un-stuck.  Guess what a great mood he was in when they finally got home around midnight.

Begone evil snow, begone!

I kicked everyones ass today and we put away all the Christmas decorations and cleaned up the pine needles from every nook and cranny.  You see, I had the bright idea to host a New Year's Eve party (come over about 7ish, everyone is invited!) this year so in order to get ready for that party, we had to clean up from the Christmas festivities first.  Then I will have four days to recover from New Year's Eve before I go back to school.

We made the boys take a day off from the television, video games and computers today.  I know it is good for their BRAINS to not be sitting in front of a screen all day but my ears are bleeding!  They rode their new scooters all over, shot nerf guns at each other while they were "helping" clean up Christmas and were so freaking loud I put earplugs in!

Time for a cup of tea and some quiet time.  The twins are duct-taped to the walls in their bedrooms so they shouldn't give me any trouble.


EmBee said...

Aaaand, yet another use for duct tape! Gotta love the stuff!

Kate said...

Duct tape should hold em.
I think.

ha ha ha ha ha!

Hope your party is a smash!

Kate said...

Thank you for your comment about me sticking up for myself.
You are right, it's not always easy.

Thing is my mom makes it harder.
She always tries to guilt me.
I got the lecture on how she is in such good health (not true)..

But I am getting better and better at standing up to her.
I find everytime I do it, it makes me that much stronger.

And it is nice to have people support me - like you.
So thanks!

MOM #1 said...

oohhhh duct tape, so that's how the rich and famous do it! I always wondered how they turned out those picture-perfect children, LOL.

rachael said...

LOL! Duct tape, excellent idea, I see I need to come around here for the handy household tips!

I hear you with the car frustrations, I got stuck every time I went out anywhere during this holiday snow adventure. Currently, my car is half in / half out of my driveway.

Its been dreadful. Snow be gone.

The worst part of this years snowstorm is that stupidly, I bought the "little" snow shovel this year, because it was the 'cutest' one at the store........wrong, wrong, wrong......