Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting Ready For Christmas


Shelly... said...

Mmmmm...and some of that delicious fudge arrived yesterday!! Thank you! Tree is pretty. Glad we didn't have plans to come over this year cuz we wouldn't have made it with all of your crappy snow! :)

Jason, as himself said...

Please send me some fudge, too. I haven't had even one bite of fudge this year. But there's plenty of pungent Panetone around. Bleck.

Elena said...

Your cookies and fudge are amazing looking! Wish I could taste it! Love your tree.
Merry Christmas!

MOM #1 said...

Well, I don't eat anything chocolatey, but it sure looks like you've been busy.

If one of those batches of fudge is peanut butter, then box it on up and send it to Texas, I'm in NEED!

Have a great holiday!

(I just HAVE to tell you, the verification word for this comment is BARFE. HAHAHAHAHAHA. No, really)

C said...

You have just been a baking fool, haven't you! Wow! Everything looks awesome--I'll take some fudge and those pb cookies w/the Hershey's kisses o them (they're my FAVORITE!)

Merry Christmas! :)


EmBee said...

I would've wrapped some of your gifts for free for a sampling of some of those goodies!