Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Generic Rubbers and Girly Vacations

I get to spend all weekend and then some with the friend who gave husband this:

You see, husband has a reputation for being a little bit, um, thrifty. (Actually he *is* a cheap fucker, just ask Stepmonster) We were going to spend a few days in New Orleans with my BFF spanish teacher and her husband computer wiz, celebrating their ten year anniversary. They got there several days before us and found these generic rubbers for cheap fuckers and computer wiz and spanish teacher decided to buy one and wait until husband said something about the high prices of things in N.O.

It happened approximately one hour after we got off the plane, when we were looking at the menu in Pat O'Brien's. Husband made a comment along the lines of "Holy Shit! Look at these PRICES!" and spanish teacher and computer wiz flipped this in front of him.

I have never laughed so hard in my entire life.

So tomorrow spanish teacher arrives in Seattle and Friday we leave for a four-day cruise in Puget Sound. Four days with a friend I haven't spent nearly enough time with since she deserted me to move to Austin, Tx. (And then to Denver, CO - they like to move, it's a hobby)

We are going to drink, shop, drink, eat, drink, laugh and catch up on everything that's going on in our lives. I cannot wait! We met in 2003 and she is the sister I always wanted, an instant friend, and someone who would drop her entire life and get on a plane if I needed her. A friend like her is a rare gift and I thank my lucky stars for her every day. She and her husband and their two beautiful kids are family now.

Here we are on our way to a trip to the Mall of America in 2005. We are the queens of girly trips and need to take more of them. Maybe we'll let husband and computer wiz come along on the next one. If they're good.
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kel said...

Puget Sound? Sooo beautiful. I'll be thinking of you while I roast in the sun here. I'd kill for a rainy day right about now!

MOM #1 said...

Sounds like fun! I don't know if I'd use those, uhmm . . . prophylactics if I were you. ;-)

Shelly... said...

That's right SHE is going to be in town. Tell her HI and I want you guys to plan your next girly trip out to Vegas to visit me. Can't wait to hear about your weekend--have fun!!!!!
PS--I didn't even know she speaks Spanish?

C said...

If we ever get to meet eachother, I have some great N.O. stories to tell you. Whatever you do, do NOT drink the Hurricanes! Trust me on this one!

Have fun! :)

Jason said...

I always wonder if the rubbers at the 99 cent Store work as well as the expensive ones at the drug store. Do you know, by chance?