Thursday, October 16, 2008

Homework with a Double Chin

Daughter is looking for revenge because husband and I are BOTH chaperoning the Homecoming Dance on Saturday.  So she took a pic of me doing homework, while drinking wine and with a double chin.  Awesome.

Don't give me any shit about the wine either.  If you had to write a paper in which you "define mediate, domesticate, and commodify as used by Weaver-Zercher...and write an argumentative essay in which you state whether Mackall mediates, domesticates, and commodifies the Swartzentruber Amish (or other Amish groups) in his book...provide the best examples to support your answer and demonstrates your argument" in no more than 5 pages maximum, YOU WOULD BE DRINKING TOO!


C said...

Um, yes I would, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! And who knows--it might just help your ideas floww (or help the BS flow, one or the other--that's what I love about essays!)

Don't worry about the double chin pic--I think you're hot! I'd give a few fingers to look as good as you! :)

Hey--I tried to add you on FB, but you've ignored me! C'mon! Shelly's my friend--she doesn't think I'm creepy!

Josie said...

There is no double chin there - you look great.
And I drink wine whenever I'm writing papers for school - makes the whole process less painful:)

kel said...


Shelly... said...

1. There is no double chin
2. What the fuck is the essay supposed to be about?????!!!!!
3. Why are you ignoring our Internet friend Christy?

Jason said...

Wine? No problem.

Double chin? Non existent.

C said...

Okay, I just realized that my first comment may have sounded a little perverted or nasty...SORRY. So NOT my intention. I was trying to give you a talk pretty one day.


Don't worry Shelly--she added me...out of pity, perhaps? LOL