Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fourteen and Nineteen

Daughter's fourteenth birthday was yesterday.  She was born five years to the day after her boycousin.  He turned nineteen.  They used to fight like cats and dogs but now they're buddies.  Daughter thinks boycousin walks on water and I'm convinced that his advice to her about high school is responsible for her much improved grades.  

(We've been telling her the exact same things for years but we are dumber than dirt.  Boycousin is a genius and therefore she is following his advice to the letter.)

They are both cut-ups, evidenced by their silly poses for the camera.

It is more than a little uncanny how alike in their personalities they are.  They talk for hours about music, bands they like and concerts they want to go to.  Boycousin gives daughter advice on school, boys and dealing with pressure to conform and looks after her when he brings her along with him and his friends to the movies or the waterfront to "hang out".  She didn't get a big brother but boycousin is just as good.

But we still won't let her go visit him at college for the weekend by herself.  Nice try kiddo!


Jeanne said...

How great for daughter that she has an older,wiser (hope)male protector who has her best interest at heart. Lets hear it for cousins everywhere.

MOM #1 said...

I don't blame you on that weekend visit rule, LOL. That would be 48 hours of worry you'd never get back.

Happy Belated Birthday, Daughter, age 14 (Ha!)

C said...

You're lucky that she has an older cousin to look out for her! That's great b/c (like you said) she's more likely to take his advice...and I wouldn't let her go visit him at college for the weekend either!


Shelly... said...

Boycousin looks so much like his dad it's crazy! Although boycousin has a little more hair than dad! :)