Thursday, October 9, 2008


I think I'm being punished for going on two vacation weekends in three weeks.  Or maybe for getting totally trashed on Saturday night, effectively wasting one whole day to a hangover and increased seasickness.  Or maybe because I say FUCK a lot - sometimes even in front of my kids.

Daughter is puking.

Thing 2 has a fever.

And Thing 1 sounds like a three pack a day for forty years smoker - it's gotta be a case of bronchitis brewing.  Or he's hiding his nicotine habit really well.

Oh yeah, whole lotta fun happening here.


Shelly... said...

Oh I feel for you! Your dad was really sick this week too. Something is going round or else Jesus is punishing you for your evil wicked ways, however I don't know if it's the Mormon Jesus or the Christian Jesus. You pick.

C said...

I hate it when everyone is sick like that! Urgh! But yeah, I'm with Shelly, you're probably being punished for having too much fun AND saying the word 'fuck' (by any and all Jesus') LOL

Hope everyone's better soon! :)

~Christy C

MOM #1 said...

Ewwww. "Get wells" all around.