Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Elderly Complaints

WTF is it with people over 75-ish that makes them think they have carte-blanch to complain about every meal that is put in front of them?

I made dinner last night for husband and I and things one and two (daughter was out with friends), motherinlaw, grandmother, my mom and stepdad.  We had cotlets (meat, onion & potato thingies - they're Persian) rice, tadig (potatoes from the bottom of the rice - kinda like flat french fries with rice stuck to one side), grilled tomatoes, kick-ass salmon with onion & dill and salad.  I worked my ass off on it and both of the old ladies, um, I mean our lovely guest and my wonderful grandmother, had complaints about one thing or another.

Mom, Stepdad and husband all let me know how good everything was, even things one and two said something complimentary (they know what to do if they want to live to see another day) but the two old ladies only complained.  I know they don't realize they do this - grandmother is highly offended if anyone suggests that perhaps she is a wee bit negative in her observations about every fucking thing around her, but it is wearing on those of us who have to spend time with her.  I can't blame motherinlaw's whining on a cultural thing, she's super picky JUST LIKE MY GRANDMOTHER.

Is this an age thing?  Do I just bring out the worst in old ladies?  All I can say is that if they complain about another meal I fix for them, THEY can cook the damn dinner.  I will complain about the texture/shape/taste/look of whatever they make and push it around my plate without eating much.

Bring it on!


C said...

Oh My God--that's just rude! It wouldn't take much to set me off about that b/c I don't like to cook anyway.
Heavy on the Caffeine

Shelly... said...

Well, you know I can totally feel your pain! I can come back to Seattle and bitch slap Nannie if necessary! :)
If she isn't complaining about one thing it's something else. At least there is the language barrier between you and m-i-l.

EmBee said...

That dinner sounds so delish... Invite me over, I swear I won't complain! Um wait, I'm on the other side of the continent... Well, THAT SUCKS!

I know what you mean though, years ago I learned NEVER to go out with my maternal grandmother... She complains about EVERYTHING to ANYONE who will listen... And then I would slowly slink under the table... Afterward she would steal all of their sugar packets... I wanted to die, I tell you!

Katy said...

Christy, I hate cooking too so it's a double whammy. ;-)

Embee, if you are ever in Seattle I'll make you that dinner. Salmon is my specialty.

Shelly, I'll call you if I need backup. hardy har har.

Jason said...

I am struggling with this very thing right now in my life. I am trying so hard to not become prejudiced against the elderly. But my in-laws live with us during part of the year and my MIL is doing her best to break up the whole family and send me right into the loony bin.

I keep saying, "Please, if I start to get like that, TELL ME AND MAKE ME STOP."

Katy said...

That's funny Jason, my mom says the same thing. "If I ever get that negative and complain-y, just whisper in my ear that I'm getting like grandmother and I'll STOP".

I just don't understand how they can't see it. I'm convinced it's an age thing, that's the only explanation for perfectly nice, rational people losing all their manners and tact.