Friday, August 22, 2008

Build a House with Crap Already in the Garage - Brilliant!

Husband is the king of recyclers.  He is a general contractor and gets many great finds while doing business.  This is why we had to buy a house with a five car detached garage.  My car does not get to sleep in this garage because it is full of treasures.  I call it The Pit because it looks so awful and disorganized but husband can find anything in there.  Need a 4" ratchet-screw-nail-alan-wrench with a detachable bathtub nozzle?  He has one, I guarantee it.  There are windows, doors, trim, wood, light fixtures, hardware, kitchen cabinets...if it is used to build or repair homes or buildings it is in The Pit.  This is handy when we need stuff fixed, replaced or repaired but I refuse to go inside, it makes me crazy.

BUT - I have found the perfect solution for a bunch of the crap he's saving because it will come in handy someday.  Build a house with it! 

I found this at Offbeat Homes and the very interesting story behind the house is here.

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C said...

Wow, that is one...interesting house. (?) Teeheehee. BTW--I gave you (and Shelly) an award today. :)