Sunday, August 17, 2008

Digging Out the Black Hole - AKA Daughter's Room

Daughter left today for a one week sailing trip to the Canadian San Juan Islands with my Mom & Stepdad.


Sorry, I'll get a grip on myself now.  Just got carried away with rapture there for a moment.

This means that it is time for the annual BIG DIG of her bedroom.  I am a pretty tolerant Mom having been a total slob myself as a kid and teen, so I leave her alone about her bedroom 99% of the time.  She does her own laundry, brings dishes out of the black hole when I ask, and doesn't leave 13 towels on her floor to mold like I used to so I just close the door and grit my teeth most of the time.  But once a year, always when she is gone for a few days (or a WHOLE WEEK!  YAY!) I go through it, get rid of clothes she hasn't worn all year, clean every nook and cranny and generally make sure it doesn't qualify as a hazardous waste site.

This time I'm going to try my hand at some decorating too.  I've got some fun ideas involving her colors of choice (red, black and silver), paint, thin sheet metal, a disco ball and the sewing machine.  If I can get husband on board, it will be a lot of fun.  (If I can't it will be less fun with more arguing involved but I can operate a drill and hammer too so I don't really NEED his help.)  (Ok, I need his help for painting furniture, the paint sprayer scares me.  I might have to rely on bedroom bribery.)

I'm taking before pics today with absolutely no staging or cleaning up the disaster at all and then I'll take after pics so y'all can see if I suck or not at this whole decorating thing.

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Shelly... said...

No kidding it's the black hole! You are one brave woman!