Friday, August 29, 2008

Does Anyone Else Smell the Sucking Up?

McCain picked Alaska Govenor Sarah Palin for his Vice-Presidential running-mate.  It is a blatant bone thrown to H. Clinton supporters by the McCain camp.  However, Palin's "grasp" of the issues is sparse at best.  On those that she has expressed an opinion on, she is toeing the GOP line, but for most she hasn't even expressed an opinion publicly.  For a party that's been screaming about Obama's lack of experience, this is an absolute joke of a VP choice.  McCain is OLD (and I'd argue in the beginning stages of dementia and/or alzheimer's) and this is the person who will become President if he drops dead or becomes incapacitated?!?!?!?

I hope that any H. Clinton supporters who are thinking about supporting McCain, read some of the conservative right-wingers who are in orgasm over McCain's choice of Palin.  Having ovaries doesn't automatically mean she cares about or supports issues that H. Clinton would have gone to the mat to support.

McCain is sucking up to H. Clinton supporters and the far-right Christian conservatives, who would have thought that could be done in one move.


Cinch said...

Is this a joke? I am still waiting for him to announce his real running mate. HRC supporters should really like #43 (among many, many others):

C said...

I am so pissed about this & totally agree w/your assumptions as to why he chose her, but I think (unfortunately) there's even more reason to worry. Go read Fran's post from yesterday at: and you'll see what I mean.

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