Friday, August 8, 2008

Look What I Made!

Things one and two turned 12 in June and I made the coolest cupcakes for their party. They wanted to have a Super Mario Bros. cake and had surfed the net looking for ideas. We discovered that there are some amazingly talented cake bakers out there with a buttload of time on their hands. I am not someone with a buttload of spare time for cake baking so I improvised. These took longer than normal cupcakes would have but not as long as this took. (Check out the link, seriously. It's a WEDDING cake people!) For those of you without gamers (total geeks) in your homes, these are 1-up (green) and super (red) mushrooms from the Super Mario Bros. Nintendo video games.

I made two cake mixes and poured the batter into a cupcake pan with the paper-thingys in it but instead of filling them 2/3 of the way full like you're supposed to, I filled them right to the tippy top so they would overflow and make a "cap" on the top of the mushrooms.

For the frosting I mixed almost all of one can of vanilla frosting with green food coloring (save some for the white dots) and another with red. You need a LOT of food coloring for this, I used one whole bottle of each to get it the right color and even then the red was slightly pink.
After I frosted them with the colored frosting I put them in the fridge because it was pretty warm and I didn't want the white dots to slide off the colored frosting. While they cooled off, I put the white frosting in a ziplock baggie and cut a teeny bit off one corner. Then I squirted the white frosting into circles on top of the 'shrooms. I just used my (clean) finger to smear the white around to make it smooth. Then back into the fridge they went.
The eyes are black construction paper stuck on with a hot glue gun. I figured that was safe since the kids are now old enough not to eat the fucking cupcake papers. (They used to do that, seriously. It drove me bananas.)
Start to finish it took me about an hour or so, not including cooling off time for the cupcakes. The worst part was cutting out the eyes.

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Here are my 12 year olds. I made them too. Notice thing one's sweatshirt covered in Super Mario Bros. characters. He's not a fan, he's a FAN!


Shelly... said...

You are a domestic goddess! Seriously, I'm impressed with those cupcakes! I hope the boys like them.

Jeanne said...

Thank God it was Winnie the Poo when Aaron now 39 was a kid.
Nice job Katy


Katy said...

Shelly - ha ha, domestic goddess, ha ha ha. Did you miss the part about the cake mix and canned frosting? I just had to make up for their lack of party the year before.

Jeanne - I dunno, I think Winnie the Poo would be a lot harder to recreate in cakery. Maybe the honeypot would be doable...