Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Kick Ass - Ask Anyone

My family has often told me I kick ass (or maybe they said they were going to kick my ass?) but this is the first time I've been called a kick ass blogger!  Christy gave me this award in tandem with Stepmonster, along with a great new idea for future posts and a lot of nice compliments which made me blush.  Or maybe that was the wine...

So here are the five bloggers who kick ass in my book:

Jason is totally kick ass.  His writing is a great mix of irreverent and thoughtful with a lot of laughs and he always makes me think.  Plus I want to pick his brain about teaching when I get closer to being the dictator of my very own classroom!

Mid-Century Modern Moms is a great blog with nine different writers who post there.  I enjoy reading a parenting blog that focuses on the teen and young adult years since that is the hormone-laden parenting challenge I am facing for the foreseeable future.

I am in total awe of The Girl Next Door.  Not only does she live next door to her ex-husband, she posted a pic of her ass in granny panties on her blog!  Ok, it wasn't her ass - it was Mrs. G's ass - but The Girl Next Door THOUGHT about posting a pic of her ass in granny panties on her blog.  I am not brave enough to even allow such a thought to ENTER MY HEAD so I am in awe of TGND.

Lesbian Dad is an amazing writer and photographer.  When I grow up, I want to write as well as she does.  Her posts on feminism and political issues are always thoughtful and insightful - they make me think about things from a different perspective and in a deeper and more meaningful way.  And the photographs, OH-EM-GEE! as daughter would say!  Plus she lives in Berkeley - which is where I would live if I had a gazillion dollars or could chemistrify stuff well enough for UC Berkeley to pay me to get a degree like Mad Scientist Brother.

Frogdancer is another teacher - in Australia.  She teaches high school age, which makes her another PERFECT subject, er-person, for me to learn tips and tricks of the teenage trade.  (Ick, that sounds pervy.  You know what I mean.)  Her writing is wonderful (the more great blogs I read, the more I think I suck as a writer.  I need to stop reading. :-) and her four sons sound like wonderful, creative, talented kids who lucked out to have such a great mom to raise them.  PLUS she knits really cute scarves and hats which I will never be able to do because my fingers tie yarn into knots automatically - it's a DNA mutation I was born with and alas, I will never be able to knit.  So I admire Frogdancer from afar.  (Way way afar, Australia is a fucking long plane trip from Seattle!)

So there it is, I kick ass (or get my ass kicked) and so do all these other great bloggers.  

Go forth and read!


Frogdancer said...

Oooo, you live in Frasier country. I named my cats after characters from that show. (Daphnem and Maris.)

Thanks for the great comments. You're doing the right career... every day is different and the students are hilarious.

Frogdancer said...

Um.... I meant Daphne.

Jason said...

Katy! Thank you very much for the award, and even more for the awesome description. It's nice to know how others view my little ole' Jason Show.

C said...

You do kick ass sister! (but how did you know I was drinking wine? Or were you drinking wine too? LOL)


The Girl Next Door said...

HEY THANKS Katy!! And you do kick ass. Someone NEEDS to kick my ass because since joining the ass project I have managed to run one measly day for 4 measly miles. Sheesssh. my ass won't be getting any smaller with those stats!!