Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Wall of Weapons

Before you look at the following pictures, you need to go here to refresh your memory of what the black hole of doom looked like before.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

It took me all of Saturday and a good portion of Sunday but I finally got daughter's room clean and tidy.  The clothes are all clean and put away, the forty-eleven tons of sunflower seed shells are ensconced in the vacuum cleaner and the books are all on the bookshelves instead of all over the floor!

Isn't it cute?  I love the black and white with a little bit of red.

Someday she will get a real bed but for now her mattress and boxspring are on the floor to prevent stuffeverythingunderthebed-itis.  Daughter has a very bad case of this disease and having the bed directly on the floor cures it easily and without the outlay of cash on our part.

Are you wondering what the hell the big thing on the wall is?  We affectionately refer to it as daughters Wall of Weapons.  When she was four she started martial arts and by the time she was thirteen she had earned her black belt.  (Husband wanted to make sure she could kill people by the time she was old enough to date.)  For every belt level, she learned a different weapon and since she was going all the way to black belt and would need them then, we purchased all these weapons.

Have you every tried to find a place to store a fucking 7 foot long staff?  Or swords?  Scary looking c-shaped hook thingamabobs?  Not an easy task.  So husband got this big pegboard and we hung them all on the moveable hooks.

Of course now that she's not doing martial arts anymore the pegboard has become a purse, belt and accessories board also but it is first and foremost a Wall of Weapons and any teenage boy within Greater Puget Sound better not forget it.  

If daughter won't use the weapons on him, husband will.


The Girl Next Door said...

A WALL OF weapons, now I have heard everything!

And what's up with word verifications tonight? First yours on my blog (NO FRICKIN WAY) and this word vert? BATHSAR so are you the bathczar who keeps all that organized, too??!!

Kate said...

I love it!

Elena said...

Nice!!! That was quite the task. Love the Wall of Weapons. Great idea.

Has daughter seen it yet?

Nana said...

Daughter is with me and no, she hasn't seen it yet. But I have, here! It isn't often that I'm ahead of her. She's been an ANGEL.

Jason, as himself said...

This looks like it came straight from HGTV!