Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cats Are Good Company

While daughter and I were out braving the crowds at the mall on Black Friday, Thing Two was feeling worse and worse.  He just hung out on the couch and rested all day.  Then at about 3am on Saturday morning, the puke-fest began and the poor kid puked his guts out from 3am to about 9am.  He started to feel a little better and was lying on the couch when Princess came to cuddle him and make him feel better.  What a good kitty-cat!


MOM #1 said...

My doggy can detect illness anywhere.

Before I even knew my tooth was abscessed, he kept jumping in my lap and licking the side of my face where the abscess was . . . a few days later the dentist confirmed it.

Whenever any kind of tummy bug is coming on . . . he will start licking you on the belly button. . . it's so weird.

THEN he follows the sick person around the house all day and sits on their lap or by their feet until they get well.

Isn't that a good doggy?

I call him the sickness whisperer.

Jason, as himself said...

Cute kitty.

Cute kid!

I hope he's better now.

The Hotfessional said...

Nothing like a cuddly kitten to make you feel better.

Chris said...

OH my gosh, I feel for him. I HATE puking. I get nervous when anyone I'm around mentions that they've puked lately. However, I LOVE cats. What a cutie!! Hope he feels better!

Kate said...

Sorry I haven't been around...
love all of your posts, as usual.

Your son is handsome!
The girls will be fighting over him!