Saturday, November 22, 2008

Resting My Brain

This is the last thing I wrote:

Education and children’s roles as students of elementary, middle or high school levels are a social order and institution derived from our own activity. The natural world’s role in this dialectic process is that “the necessity for social order as such stems from man’s biological equipment” (52) or the natural world. 

There is more but it makes my ears bleed to read it again.  So instead, I am shamelessly lifting material from Laurel to help me regain my normal equilibrium.  This college writing shit is HARD!

Where is your cell phone - docked
Your hair color - blonde
Your mother - AWESOME (she took thing 2 home with her today, YAY NANA!)
Favorite thing - red wine
Your dream last night – don't remember
Your dream goal – waterfront in Mexico
The room you're in – bedroom
Your hobby - Ummm, what?
Your fear – rivers
Where do you want to be in 6 years - teaching high school
Where were you last night – here
What you're not - tall
One of your wish list items - skinny ass
Where you grew up - Renton
The last thing you did - Tucked boys in 
What are you wearing - jammies
Your TV- history channel
Your pet- Penny, Pickles and Princess
Your computer - Apple
Your mood - Happy
Missing someone - Spanish Teacher
Your car - MDX
Something you're not wearing - makeup
Favorite shop - Costco
Your summer - road trip
Love someone - husband
Favorite color – orange
When you last laughed - five minutes ago
When you last cried - I don't remember

There, now I feel more human again.  Thanks Laurel!


Jason, as himself said...

I so didn't understand that paragraph that you wrote the first time through. I had to read it again, and then again. It's as though my eyes can sense academic language and they quickly glaze over before I can comprehend it. And I have a master's degree!

And I'm going to copy this meme, if you don't mind.

MOM #1 said...


I'm so glad Jason said that . . . I don't know what the hell you said, either.

You're too smart for me, maybe you can come over and rub up against Baby Boy (in a nonsexual way of course, LOL) so some of that smartness can rub off on him. I'm a lost cause at this point.

I'm glad the other stuff, made me smile. I've never met anyone who's favorite color is orange, how funny!

Laurels word said...

That paragraph made my brain hurt. Thanks for the headache ;p

You did much better than I on keeping it down to one. I never heard of someones' favorite color being orange (other than my 5yr old nephew Britton) either. That is funny!

Kate said...

Is your brain rested?

Kate said...

Dr. Laura has a book called "Stop Whining, Start Living" something like that... my friend (who bought me the other book) had that book and she let me read it.

It was really good!
So I'm hoping I'll like this book too, but I'm not far enough into it to know.