Sunday, November 2, 2008

Random Stuff Bouncing Around in my Head

What is the deal with the forty-eleven hundred credit card aps I'm getting in the mail every day?  This is the part of our economy that I believe needs to be HEAVILY regulated.  My KIDS get a bunch of applications every week for God's sake!  Why should we bail out banks who will extend thousands of dollars in credit to CHILDREN?  They're creating a situation that has resulted in the rise of bankruptcies in this country and people being overextended and yet they're STILL TRYING TO GIVE US MORE AND MORE CREDIT.  Grrr.

I only have one more month to go for this quarter of school which means all the big papers and projects are due in the next 2 weeks, followed by finals.  So if I drop off the planet it means I'm at the library cramming.  Send in a search party if I'm not out by December 9th.

Only one kid trick or treated this year.  Daughter hung out at a friends house on Halloween, thing 1 stayed home, husband got stuck working at the jobsite from hell so it was just thing 2 and I at a friends party where he trick or treated with her kids.  I'm sad that thing 1 suddenly decided he is too old to trick or treat.  How did that happen????

The election cannot come soon enough.  I am not getting anything done other than reading political news and I have too much to do!!!

Thing 2 starts at his new school tomorrow.  I am excited and nervous and hope like hell that it works out.  I'll update after he settles in.

Back to work now, school is calling....


C said...

Oh, good luck to Thing 2 tomorrow! I'm sure he'll be great!

Sounds like you have A LOT of work to do...I think I said this before, but you are my hero for going back to school with all youhave going on in your life! :)

MOM #1 said...

Oh, I totally second that emotion when it comes to those credit apps - YUCK! Unnecessary and a waste of paper.

Good luck to you in this final month of cramming and stuff AND good luck to Thing 2 on starting school.

Keep us updated!

Shelly... said...

The credit card apps are crazy. One of our credit card companies just upped our credit again. Why the hell do they need to do that--we aren't anywhere near the limit nor do we plan to be!

Let us know how it goes for Thing 2at school. Your dad is looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend, but not excited about the weather. I had to send him the weather forecast comparing our two cities and he wasn't very happy!

Good luck with the homework!!!!