Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is Worse Than Christmas

I can't stand it, the election has been practically all I can think about for days and now I have to get through my classes, grocery shopping (vomit) and daughter's 2 hours of math tutoring before I can glue myself to the television and watch the election returns.

The Stranger is throwing a party at the Showbox in Seattle that I had planned on going to but the kids are just as excited about this as I am so I'm gonna stay home with them and we will all watch the returns as history is being made.  (We hope)

Only a few more hours...


Kate said...

ha ha ha.

I loved your comment on my blog..
"willing to suck the dick of the right wing radicals."

Laurels word said...

It's the anticipation. Seeing history made. I'm DYING. I can't wait to kick the asses out of the white house.

The Hotfessional said...

It's an amazing feeling - I've never, EVER been so on edge. ;-)

At least not over an election.