Sunday, April 19, 2009

Two Lists

I got the idea for this twist on a Bucket List from Avitable.  I've never been a big fan of a bucket list for myself.  The best experiences I've had in my life have been completely unplanned and unexpected (hi daughter!) so I tend to think making a list is a complete waste of time - I could be watching Frankie Gutierrez or getting tattooed instead!

But I'm going to make a bucket list for myself.  I'm going to do it because I really really want to make a Fuck-It list and it's not as good if you don't make the bucket list first.  For the uninitiated, a bucket list is a list of the things you want to do before you kick the bucket.  A Fuck-It list is the things you never want to do and if you drop dead without having done any of them you will die happy.  (This list is easier than a bucket list.  At least for me.)  I'm limiting them both to ten items because otherwise the first list would be two or three and the second list would never end and I have things to do people!

Katy's Bucket List:

1. Bask in the sun on a beach on the island of Corfu.  For a few weeks.  Or months.  Or forever.
2. Visit the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Zoo on the Isle of Jersey.
3. Rub Frankie Gutierrez's naked abdomen with my bare hands.  And maybe his biceps too.
4. Earn a Ph.D. in Education.
5. Go on safari in Africa.
6. Weigh 125 pounds again.
7. Throw out the first pitch at a Mariners game.
8. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary.
9. Hold a koala.  In Australia.
10. Go to Iran with husband and the kids for a few weeks to meet his whole family and see where he grew up.

Katy's Fuck it List:

1. Bungee jumping.  WTF is that all about anyway?!?
2. Understand quantum physics.
3. Attend a Dungeons and Dragons convention/game/event.  (Sadly this may actually be in my future due to the extreme nerdliness of the Things.  Unless I can bribe their older cousin to take them.)
4. Swim where sharks, man-o-wars, or other deadly water gremlins live.  In fact, I think I will swear off swimming in the ocean at all.  Too many creepy, swimmy, biting things!
5. Touch a big, hairy spider like a tarantula or huntsman.  (SHUDDER!!!  Now I'm totally gonna have arachnid nightmares.)
6. Go to Antartica.  I can imagine a freezing ass cold place with a shitload of snow, no need to actually GO THERE.  Sheesh.
7. Attend another child's funeral.  Once was enough, I don't ever want to do that again.
8. See another Bush in the white house.  Unless it is a lower case b bush attached to a woman, that would be acceptable.
9. Run a marathon.  If running a bazillion miles floats your boat, more power to ya.  Me - I only run when chased.
10. Mow the lawn.  If this was my job we would live in the forest.  Or on a houseboat.  I. Don't. Mow. The. Lawn.  *ACHOO*


Shelly... said...

I'm not dumb enough to click on the link for the #6 Fuck It List cuz I don't need to see any nasty spiders. That would most certainly be on any list I might have!
I like both of your lists btw.

Shelly... said...

I mean #5 on the list. You know math is not one of my strong points! :)

Kate said...

ha ha ha ha ha. I absolutely love it! And..if I lived near you, I'd take the things to a dungeons and dragons deal.. I used to crush on a guy who was into that.

Yeah, that was before I got real with myself about wanting to be with a woman.

Christy said...

I'm pretty much with you on all of, we're so much alike (too bad for you! Lol)