Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So as of June 17th, I am going to be the mother of three teenagers for the next four and a half years.  Someone hold me!  Things One and Two turned 13 and because I'm certifiable and like to make a lot of unnecessary work for myself, I decided that throwing a gigantic party for them would be fun.

The party happened last Saturday and I'm still recovering.  Here are the birthday boys about to blow out the candles on their cupcakes.  I made three different kinds of cupcakes, regular and mini-sized, some with M&M's on top and some with Oreos.  Martha Stewart's evil twin temporarily possessed me.  They were really cute and not even as much of a pain in the ass to make as last year's cupcakes.

And this is Mother-in-law about to copy UP! and be carried away by the balloons!

These are the birthday boys and Aunt Sugar.  Aunt Sugar is Marvelous Mom's sister (and a twin herself) and the Things favorite person in the world.  In fourth grade they had to write essays about their favorite place and they both - independently and in DIFFERENT classrooms, with  different teachers mind you - chose Aunt Sugar's cabin as their favorite place in the world.  Their gift from her was a trip to visit her for a few days and lots of different activities like fishing and going to the ocean written down on slips of paper and wrapped separately.  They were THRILLED and can't wait to visit her and Uncle Sugar for the 4th of July!

Here are some of the crazy cupcakes I made.  Yummy!

This is only the first post of the Thing's Thirteenth birthday party but until a certain someone whose very cute blonde son took a lot of pictures emails those pictures to me I don't have any more good pictures to share with you.  (HINT HINT!!!)  She and blonde cute boy took pics of the cupcakes and decorations and I want to preserve the memories for posterity when the things tell me what a horrible mother I am, how I never do anything for them and how I'm ruining their lives.  Then I will show them the insane lengths I went to for their birthday party when they turned 13 and tell them to get the hell off my back and pass the booze.


Frogdancer said...

You're slightly ahead of me. My youngest turns 13 in 3 months.

Kate said...

You make me want to bake cupcakes.
Those look great!

Happy birthday to your boys.

You are a good mom. Drunk or not. ha ha ha!

The Hotfessional said...

Happy Birthday to the things!

And here's some vodka for you.


ChiTown Girl said...

Happy birthday, Thing 1 and Thing 2!!!

Christy said...

I'm still waiting for my cupcakes...