Monday, May 25, 2009

M's Beat Giants 5-4

Dad is here visiting Grandmother for the long weekend but I managed to steal him away from her for a few hours to take him to a Mariners game on Sunday.  It was a GORGEOUS day for a baseball game!  Dad and I watched the M's beat San Fransisco including a 2 run homer by Griffey that reminded me of the old days when Junior was everybody's kid brother on the team instead of one of the old-timers.

Our seats were right down the right field line, second row, behind the ball-girl.  Stepmonster's brother scored them for me - he's a sports ticket pimp - and they were KILLER seats!

Here's Dad grinning at the awesome view we had of the field.

Here I am with my boyfriend Frankie Gutierrez.  I've mentioned what a hot tamale he is, right?  Drool...

And here is Frankie's hot butt.  Obviously it's the butt on the left, the one on the right isn't hot at all - it's attached to Wlademir Balentien - but he is a damn good player.  Just not as hot as my Frankie.

There's nothing better than a sunny afternoon at the ballpark with my favorite baseball fan in the world.  I can't wait to do it again.


The Hotfessional said...

I miss baseball. We used to go ALL THE TIME when we lived 20 minutes from Tiger Stadium.

This weekend, though, we're headed down to watch the Toledo Mudhens...and I can't. freaking. wait!

Butts in baseball pants.


Glad you had fun!

ChiTown Girl said...

I love that the fact that you were their with you FATHER didn't inhibit you from taking pictures of hot rear ends!! You are too funny!

Yo said...

wow, AWESOME seats!

frankie does fill out a pair of pants quite nicely.

Shelly... said...

You let your dad go out in public wearing that?? You didn't run into anyone we know did you? ;)

BTW, Frankie is hot. Nice buttocular shots!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

There is something about baseball players' butts...

MOM #1 said...

Well I can't understand anything you're saying. You're speaking in sports and I'm not familiar with that language.

I did pick up something about butts, though. That I definitely understood, LOL.

Christy said...

Awww. Glad you had a good time with your dad! :)