Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Eyes Have It

Why is it that when you travel you make a point of seeing all the cool places in a city but when you live within spitting distance, you can go years without seeing something really incredible?

I went on a field trip with daughter's honors humanities class last week (a bus loaded with hormonal ninth graders - THAT was fun) and we saw an incredible performance by the Golden Dragon Acrobats and then we went to the Olympic Sculpture Park on the Seattle waterfront.  The park has been there for awhile but this was my very first time there.  Obviously I am not a patron of the arts.

No pictures of the acrobats - flash photography when they have forty-eleven people balanced on one guys shoulders as he rides a bicycle in circles onstage is a bad idea - but I got several pics from the sculpture park.

This is daughter and her friends adding EYELASHES to the EYE sculpture.  Heh.

I don't know what this one is but it's really cool.  And really big.

I took this pic because it is the waterfront looking north from downtown and where all those white sticks are is the marina that Marvelous Mom & Stepdan have their boat moored.  Or anchored.  Or parked.  Or whatever the hell the correct nautical term for BOAT HERE is.

This is only part of the Love and Loss sculpture but I like the whole neon sign against the tree blossoms look.

And of course, the Space Needle.  Seattle's very own phallic symbol.  Now that we have the Columbia Tower it isn't nearly BIG enough.

Here's a ferry coming back from one of the islands.  Probably Vashon but I'm not sure.  So sue me.

There you go, Seattle waterfront, sculpture, phallus and gray skies.  I was just grateful it didn't rain.


Kate said...

The pic of the Ampersand makes me go "and your point is?" ha ha ha ha ha!

Love the photos!

ms. changes pants while driving said...

i love seattle! i'm totally coming up there one of these days. months. years? some time. i'm coming up there. i toured downtown ONCE, but it was awful company and i want to visit with GOOD company.

that would be you. and sitting in a bar getting hammered is totally touristy enough for me.

Christy said...

I was just having the very conversation w/someone today about how when you live somewhere you never do any of the things that people travel miles to do...I am making it a point to get around to those places in New England now that I'm back (or at least I will be very soon!)

BTW--I thought I was so funny & clever linking to you guys under the title "Vegas Show Girls" in my sidebar, and now I think I inadvertently stole it from you! Sorry.

Jason, as himself said...

I love those eyelashes.

And I love phallic symbols.

ms. changes pants while driving said...

i love the eyelashes! i didn't see them earlier. awesome.

EmBee said...

You know, I had the same exact thought while we were in California. Even though I was born and raised there, on our recent visit I saw sights I'd never seen before. Heck, my sister has lived there all her life and she sympathized with lack of time and initiative to visit places most tourists save for years to see.

Thanks for the tour!

btw: Space Needle? It was years and years ago but been there, done that.

EmBee said...

"been there DONE that."
According to your phallic reference that comment makes me sound like such a whore!

MOM #1 said...

The eyelashes are hilarious, they need a little mascara, LOL.

I say the same thing about our city all the time . . . we've traveled hither - thither - and yon, but haven't a clue what we have to offer right here in our own town, LOL. For shame!

Shelly... said...

Great pictures, but I sure don't miss the gray skies of Seattle!