Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Pictures

How is it that whenever Husband is gone, the cats decide it is time to shower me with the fruits of their labors as a sign of their everlasting affection for me?

One morning it was a dead rat smack in the middle of the front doorway. A VERY LARGE rat with a super long icky rat tail.

The next morning it was a rat HEAD and some rat insides. I don't know which parts, I didn't look very closely. I puked in the front yard on my way to the garbage can with it.

Today it was a bunny rabbit. A totally full grown bunny rabbit. And a decapitated mouse. Both bodies were all there as far as I could tell, the cats must not have been hungry.

Four more days. Only four more days.

On the plus side we do not have a rodent problem.


Suburban Correspondent said...

RATS? Oy, vey...

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my fucking hell!!! Yet one more reason I am NOT a cat person!!!