Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Cousins Invade

We got the very best Christmas surprise ever - COUSINS! Army Cousin called me a week or so before Christmas because he was getting to bring his two beautiful kids to Washington to spend Christmas with his whole family and they were going to stay with us!!! Since daughter was off wrestling Sharks With Frickin' Lasers in Australia, we had one bedroom vacant; the Things offered to bunk together so another bedroom would be vacant and voila - instant Christmas chaos!

Princess A is six and Sillyboy is four - I had forgotten how much FUN little kids are to play with! I got to be a Tickle-monster and chase them all over the house (boy am I out of shape!), cuddle up at bedtime to read them stories and just hang out and get to know them better. I hadn't seen Princess A since she was nine months old and I had never met Sillyboy so their visit was truly a gift for all of us.

The added bonus was getting to hang out with one of my favorite cousins who - because of his penchant for flitting around the damn globe every six months rather than staying put like a normal person - I have not got much time to hang out with since we grew up. His Mom took care of Scientist Genius Brother and I a lot when we were little and we always had such a great time playing cops n' robbers, cowboys n' indians or just running all over the yard "shooting" each other and yelling our fool heads off. He is smart, funny, loving and a *wonderful* father to his kids and I'm so glad we got this time to spend together.

Here he is with his beautiful babies...

Princess A and Thing 2 really hit it off and spent hours playing Legos together. He told me just the other day that we need to send her some Legos for her birthday because she loves them so much.

Army Cousin and I took all the kids to the Seattle Science Center one day and the Things had a great time showing the kids all the cool stuff. They are so good with little kids and were a big help to us keeping track of them! (Another thing I forgot, how fast little kids can disappear from sight!)

Princess A and Thing 2 at the GIANT table and chairs. I thought this was hilarious!

This Christmas was so much fun for all of us. I couldn't have asked for a better gift than time with my family and all the giggles, hugs and love from Princess A and Sillyboy.

I hope they come back soon!

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ChiTown Girl said...

Aw...this post made me smile! Family rocks!