Thursday, July 31, 2008

Less Broken Than Before

After four weeks in a toe to crotch cast, Thing One (formerly known as broken boy) is now in a shiny new smaller cast that only goes from his toes to just under his knee.  The best part is that when we got home from the doctor this morning he was able to submerge almost all of himself in a nice bath with lots and LOTS of soap.  He's cleaner than he has been all month.
Smells better too, Thing Two (formerly known as unbroken boy) was able to get close to him without passing out from the fumes.

He's got one more month in the cast before it comes off.  Just in time for school to start.  Bummer Summer Dude.

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Shelly... said...

I like the new cast and I know you like the fact he was able to bathe! How ripe will he be smelling when we see you guys the end of August? :)

C said...

OMG--that poor kid! That is a looong time in a cast! I'm glad he'll be done by the time school starts though, could you imagine?


Katy said...

God I hope not too bad!!!

At least they let me wash his leg and foot with soap and water before they put the new cast on!

Shelly... said...

What THEY didn't want to wash it?? :)