Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seven Things

My very awesome friend ChiTown Girl gave me an award! Woot! Chi is a kindergarten teacher in - wait for it - CHICAGO! and while she is crazy enough not to love love love hot weather, we have lots of other things in common. Including her smart-ass sense of humor (I laugh my butt off at her email of the day posts!) and our love of kids. She likes the short, pees-their-pants-occasionally, needs help with their buttons while I prefer the sullen, stinky, teenage variety but still, we both love kids. Even if they make us crazy occasionally. Ok, all the time. Ok, who wants to buy a teenager?

So I'm a versatile blogger! Cool! I assume this means that I can blog while simultaneously beating my kids, making dinner, and studying for a mid-term. Cause I can.

Here are the rules:

Acknowledge the award and thank and link back to the person bestowing it.
Pass on the award to 15 other bloggers: (in no particular order)
Let the new recipients know you've selected them.
Share seven things about yourself that your readers or followers might not know.
Post the badge to your blog.

Here is the hard part, thinking of seven things about me you don't know. At least the 3 of you who aren't my family. (Hi Mom!)

1. I'm a hair twirler and have been ever since I can remember. When I finally start teaching high school I'm gonna look like a fucking moron twirling my hair around my fingers while grading papers. It's a hard habit to break.

2. I get motion-sick in the bathtub. LOOKING at a picture of water makes me seasick. Going to movies at an IMAX theater is not an option. I can't even play driving video games with the Things because it makes me nauseous. This is why even though Marvelous Mom and Stepdan have had a sailboat for umpteen years, I've only been sailing on it once. I took a dramamine and was mostly comatose for the ride.

3. I would die without my iPhone. Die dead. You can have it when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

4. I love painting, like paint on canvas art type painting, but I totally suck dinosaur balls at it. But occasionally I buy a canvas and paint something, just because I like the feeling of brushing the paint on.

5. Facebook is my bitch.

6. I'm an atheist. I would LIKE to believe in God and heaven and an afterlife - especially when beautiful, perfect four-year-old boys die in accidents for no reason - but I just can't. Evidence, I need evidence.

7. If I never see another snowflake again it will be too soon.

So, the fifteen (GOD that seems like a lot! Some of these folks who are gonna be wondering who the hell I am) bloggers I'm tagging are

Shelly (For God's sake post SOMETHING! Heh.)

And, um, EVERYONE ELSE! Seven things y'all, chop-chop!


Yo is Me said...

wow. i really need to catch up on my blog reading. i miss youuuuu!!!! good thing we have facebook :)

Yo is Me said...

wow. i really need to catch up on my blog reading. i miss youuuuu!!!! good thing we have facebook :)

ChiTown Girl said...

Come on now!! NO SNOW!?!?! I'm sitting here, with my doors and windows open, with the temp outside being a balmy 60 right now! I can't WAIT for the snow. :)

The Girl Next Door said...

Thank you! I am way behind but it will be up shortly! Love it!

Jason, as himself said...

Thank you! Thank you! And I can't believe I failed to acknowledge this award from you in my post. I'm SUCH a loser.

These seven things about you are awesome! Especially #2, #6, and #7.

Shelly... said...

The pressue to post is killllling me...

MOM #1 said...

Ok, I'm back from hibernation. I need to work on a list and get it up . . . in the next week . . . or two . . . or ten, LOL.

EmBee said...

You're too kind... But really? I have to do all that work? 15 people? How do I get that picture thingy on my site? Am I going to have to ask Computer Boy for help? Isn't it enough that I FINALLY put up a new blog post? Am I too whiny tonight?

Can I ask you one more question? How in the HELL do you find time for this stuff?

Yo is Me said...

i'll post if shelly will post :)