Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Last week was a doozy. Tuesday morning I was on my way out the door (in flip flops and pajamas, I'm pretty classy ya know) to take daughter to dance practice when I slipped and fell down the stairs. My - not inconsiderable - entire body weight fell right on my tailbone and broke it.

I wailed. My two extra kids - friends of daughter's who pretty much live here - had spent the night and all five of the kids were a bit freaked out at the sight of me rolling around screaming in pain while Husband tried to determine if he was going to be a widow or if I was just being hysterical.

So when the kids had their first day of school the next day, Husband was in charge of taking pictures since I was unable to move without howling. This year the Things are starting High School - lowly, lowly, Freshmen - and all three of the hellions will be at the same school with Daughter lording it over them as a Junior.

If you see Husband would you mind asking why the hell he thought taking pics from the top of the stairs was a good idea?

With the lack of actual GOOD pictures, I decided to go for comedy instead. Presenting - OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL WITH MY BROTHERS!

"So Daughter, are you excited for the first day of school? With Thing 1 and Thing 2?"

"I guess that's a no..."

"So what are you going to eat for lunch?"

"I don't care what your friends are doing, you may NOT eat your brothers for lunch!"

"Don't worry Thing 2, she won' REALLY eat you for lunch. She'll just stuff you in a locker."

"Have a nice day!"

Unfortunately my injury has prevented me from doing my annual back-to-school happy dance all over the neighborhood. But I'm THINKING it really, really hard.


ChiTown Girl said...

Is it possible that you've never posted a picture of your daughter before? She is STUNNINGLY beautiful! Such exotic looks. I've a got a junior way out here in ChiTown who would probably like to meet her.... tee hee ;-)

The boys look so grown up. Freshmen!? Wow. Congrats.

And, yeah, what the hell was Hubby thinking? MEN!! You can't live with 'em, and you can't kill 'em!! Well, you could, but then who would drive the kids to school?

Hope that tailbone heals quickly. I can only imagine how painful that is. :(

Jason, as himself said...

Such a bummer! (No pun intended!)

Your daughter has got the attitude DOWN!!!

Nana said...

They are their father's kids. Where were you??!!