Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vegas Vacation 2010 Part 2

Ok, I planned this out better so these are in chronological order!

Here are Grandmother, Thing 2 and Thing 1 excited to get on the road! Daughter was in the backseat but didn't want to climb out of her nest for the pic. Party Pooper.

Here's Thing 1 jumping into the pool with a neighbor kid on his back. Dad & Stepmonster's buddy was babysitting four kids that night so it was a party! We had to tell the Things not to unlock and open the side gate for all the other neighbor kids who wanted to come swim without their parents supervising them. A pool is a kid magnet but also a liability issue! LOL

Thing 1 looks like he's delivering a speech here but he was just getting ready to jump.

And here is a teeny-tiny lizard Dad found the next morning. I'm holding it and Dad took the pic. He obviously needs new glasses because of the three pics he took, none of them have the lizard in focus. GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR DAD! Heh.

To be continued...

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