Friday, August 6, 2010


Well. Ahem. I've been whooping it up in Las Vegas for the past week - hence the lack of posting. That and the fact that the Things are hogging my computer.

It's ok, I bought a Kindle DX and it is my new friend with benefits. *swoon* Husband is going to kick my ass from here to Mars when he sees the Amazon bill for e-books. Heh.

The rugrats, Grandmother and I will all be home on Tuesday the 10th after driving for two days. Goody. Then I leave again with Marvelous Mom on the 12th to move Scientist Genius Brother out of his Gollem-cave in Berkeley.

So who knows when I might actually get to post something.

Dad and Stepmonster's new house (especially the pool with the WATERFALL) kick all kinds of ass though. Give 'em a call if you're in Vegas, they have lots of room.



MOM #1 said...

I want a Kindle. Stop talking about it. You're making my wallet hurt.

EmBee said...

So whatcha been readin' on the thar Kindle?

And, just the thought of a pool with a waterfall kicks all kinds of ass in my book!

EmBee said...

Ahem, that should read.... "That thar Kindle?" heh, and I'm not even from the south.