Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beautiful Easter Babies

These two little Easter babies are too cute not to share. They are Spanish Teacher's baby girls all healthy, off oxygen (hooray!) and dressed up for Easter. You can't see it in this picture but their outfits have ruffled bloomers!!!

*passes out from the cuteness*

I had a rotten Easter (sick - ugh, stayed home to do homework - double ugh) but these beautiful Easter egg babies more than cheered me up. If only they didn't live in Denver so I could kiss them and squeeze them and hug them and call them George whenever I wanted to.

But there is another baby girl coming into the world any minute now and she lives nearby so I'll be able to get my baby fix anytime I want. Woot!


ChiTown Girl said...

OH MY HELL!! They look like little dolls! So beautiful.

MOM #1 said...