Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It really sucked when Dad & Stepmonster moved to Las Vegas - we're a close family and I'd never lived in a different state than either of my parents - but on the plus side, it's a really fun place to visit and one of our favorite road trip destinations.

Go visit Stepmonster's blog and help me guilt trip her into posting some fucking pictures from our San Diego trip! She's got some great shots and hasn't BLOGGED them yet!

Vegas was the last stop on Road Trip '09 and it was a fun, relaxing visit. We didn't do anything wild and crazy, just hung out with Dad, Shelly and their lunatic dogs and it was great. Look at this guy, he isn't a proud grandpa or anything...

Love you Dad, can't wait to see you guys for Thanksgiving!


MOM #1 said...

But now you have a great reason to have random road trips ANYTIME YOU WANT!!! Never underestimate the power of playing the grandparent card. ;-)

Christy said...

Nice picture--glad you guys had fun! I know--what the hell is up w/Shelly & not posting? Whore! As for me, I wrote the post & then could not figure out how the hell to post the pictures...for 2 HOURS! I still haven't figured it out, so if you know anyone who knows how to work fucking Wordpress, let me know!