Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Bug Has Landed

Back to school has started out great for all three of the kids. Of course it's only been four days but hey, I'm an optimist. Daughter is especially enjoying Biology - the teacher is "AWESOME!" and "COOL!" and they're going to study "real" science. Apparently Physical Science - the class she had last year - was fake science. I didn't hear about any Astrology in the curriculum but maybe I missed it at open house.

Her first Biology project is to collect 10 different bugs - excuse me, I mean INSECTS - and bring them to class tomorrow. Then the kids will mount all their creepy-crawlies on a big board and identify them. So my freezer has ten different plastic containers with different bugs in them in it. She has a cranefly, a wasp, a mosquito, a fly, a spotted beetly-looking thing that scared the shit out of me when it jumped on my head from the sun umbrella, an earwig and some others that I can't remember.

The kid is no dummy. She was super sweet and nice to the Things last weekend and conned them into finding most of the bugs for her. And husband caught the wasp because the kids and I refused to go near it. She had to bat her eyes a bit to convince him but in the end she got what she wanted. He's wrapped around her little finger like all daughters are.

But she has her Grandpa and Grandmonster in her back pocket. After all, it's not every grandparent that would mail - OVERNIGHT - one of these to their granddaughter...

Is that not the NASTIEST little fucker you've ever seen? The key is a regular sized housekey - that bug is enormous!!! Daughter is thrilled and hoping for extra credit from her AWESOME! and COOL! biology teacher for going above and beyond for this project.

I can't decide which is weirder, the fact that my Dad & Shelly mailed my kid a bug or the fact that my kid is really excited about receiving a bug.


Shelly... said...

I was afraid his guts were going to come out during mailing because he was so soft and disgusting. I just think it's plain WRONG when insects have BEAKS!!!

Nana said...

Ah, what IS it? I think I'll stay here...where bugs are SMALL.

Kelly said...

Yikes! I know it's just a picture of a bug but I have this overwhelming urge to flee my office!

Awesome parents!

MOM #1 said...

Uhmm . . . gross. I'm sorry that's just too much for me as a regular Mom, but as a Homeschooling Mom . . . freaking awesome! That they'd mail that over night really rocks!

Christy said...

Yuck! That thing is freaky! I think your dad and Shelly need to adopt a couple more grandkids...girls...say, 12 & 9 years old?