Thursday, February 19, 2009

Viva Las Vegas Part Two

Considering that Shelly, Yo, Christy and I are all bloggers, we didn't take NEARLY enough pictures!  Although to be fair, we were very busy laughing at each other falling down drunk and dancing on tabletops and bars.  We are WILD & CRAZY gals!

I'm so crazy I gave my camera to a very nice but dirty and scruffy man who offered to take our picture in front of the Paris hotel where we stayed on Sunday night.  There was NO fucking way Shelly or Christy was handing over their camera but I did so freely.  It must be a sign of my blondeness.  Or idiocy.  Scientist Genius Brother is going to shit a brick that I handed over my camera to a complete stranger who looked homeless.

But the picture turned out great!

Here I am trying to lick my way through the glass to get at the worlds largest chocolate fountain.  Shortly after this picture was taken I stripped naked, broke the glass with my hugemongous purse and dove in.  I was able to drink quite a bit before the cops pulled me out.  It's ok, Dad was prepared with bail money.

Shelly and Christy with a big brass lion with big brass balls.  They were too chicken to sit on it.

So that's GTHAFR Vegas '09.  I am REALLY looking forward to the next one - these gals are my friends for life!


MOM #1 said...

What? No photos of you being drug out of the chocolate fountain by your hair? That's what I REALLY wanted to see, LOL.

Looks like a great time!

Kate said...

Hey, you could've helped homeless man realize his true calling.

For all we know, he could be out there now taking photos and getting paid for it.

That was rather generous of you to loan him your camera - and your brother needs to realize that.

He did take an awesome photo for a homeless guy - I'm guessing your "vision" isn't real clear as a homeless person - because if it were, you'd be out realizing your goals. And yet, without clear vision, he took such a clear photo.

You have done your charity work for the century.

that alone earns you a bath in the chocolate fountain.

carry on.

EmBee said...

The lion had big brass balls and there's not a picture of you licking them?

You're right, you guys didn't take enough pics.

ms. changes pants while driving said...

was the homeless man short? did you get your herpes medication yet? isn't there a picture of you riding the lion?

phill saw the chicken car comment and i giggled so hard. melissa hadn't seen them yet. if i had waited thismuchlonger, she would have snorted her vodka/club soda out of her nose when i told her.

chicken car indeed.

The Girl Next Door said...

What a great idea and some great photos. even if the chicken shi*s didn't do the Lion.

Shelly... said...

Christy and I are a little more refined than Katy and don't like drawing attention to ourselves! I think we are what you call "ladies" ;)
What an awesome weekend!!