Sunday, July 24, 2011


These were all taken at the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie - a small seaside town about an hour's flight North of Sydney. I wasn't allowed to pet any, they are all being nursed back to health, but they were so cute.

This little guy was getting his twice daily formula feed. He almost knocked the can out of the volunteer's hand trying to get it faster than she was giving it to him.

The cuteness!

This poor little girl lost both her eyes to a chlamydia infection so she is now a permanent resident of the hospital. It doesn't seem to slow her down any though, she was very curious and got around her little home just fine!

And here is a little guy trying to take a nap.

Koala's get attacked by dogs, hit by cars, burned in bush fires, and suffer from several nasty illnesses - all of which are treated by hundreds of volunteers at this unique hospital. There website is here and if so inclined, you can adopt one or make a donation to help them continue their work. Like animals everywhere their habitat has been greatly reduced due to human activity, can you imagine Australia without koalas? Me neither.

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