Monday, March 21, 2011


Grandmother's stay in the nursing facility was short lived. She was rushed to the hospital in respiratory distress in the middle of the night last week and admitted to the hospital. While the hospital staff are wonderful, we were very grateful to be able to bring her home with hospice care on Saturday. She was very relieved to be home in familiar surroundings where there is plenty of room for everyone to come and spend time with her. I am especially grateful for it in the middle of the night when she has a bout of breathing trouble and I can give her her medicine and then sit with her holding her hand until it kicks in. Not being able to breathe is so scary and having someone there with her makes it easier for her.

And once again, the cavalry is here when we need them. My Aunt has care-taking experience and helped me bathe her, Uncle visits her, runs errands, and makes airport runs. BFF Cousin stays with her to give me a break - doing dishes and fixing her dinner too. Little-Bro Cousin brings his one and a half year old over to charm a smile out of Grandmother (the dimple does it every time) and my BFF brings her adorable 11 year old son and almost 1 year old daughter to visit. Dad and Stepmonster are flying in from Vegas (again) tomorrow, Teacher Cousin flies in on Wednesday, Scientist Genius Brother arrives from Australia on Thursday, and Salt Lake City Cousin will be here Saturday. Marvelous Mom will visit tonight and tomorrow and every day after that if I need her.

A long time ago, Husband and I made a conscious choice to invite Grandmother to live with us and be a daily part of our family. Part of making that choice meant taking on the responsibility for taking care of her health needs, no matter what happened. We made that choice happily and cheerfully and have never ONCE regretted it. We - and our children - have gained more from having her here with us than we could ever give back.

But I know that if we had not made that choice, someone else in the family would have. We have been so blessed with our family and friends and there are not enough words to express how much I value their love and support and how much it means to Grandmother to have everyone here loving her at the end of her years.

May everyone have such an incredible and loving support system.


MOM #1 said...

Hospice is a beautiful and wonderful thing. I'm so sorry that grandmother's health is poor, but she's so super-duper-fortunate to have a great family who values her and her life.

I won't rant on your blog, but there are a lot of people not willing to step up to the plate when the going gets tough in Texas.

And that's all I've got to say about that!

EmBee said...

Lucky, Lucky Grandma and Lucky, Lucky you!