Monday, June 7, 2010

Walking on Sunshine

Today THIS is how I'm feeling! (I can't embed the video *pout* but it has been one of my favorite songs forever and is on high rotation in my iPod.)

The letter I received in the mail today starts:

Dear Ms. Whaever,

Congratulations! I have approved your acceptance to the University of Washington Graduate School for Autumn Quarter 2010 as recommended by the graduate admissions committee...

I'm pretty sure that wherever you were when I read that, you heard me scream.

Accepted. To. Grad. School.

Husband - sweet, sweet man that he is - told me that he never doubted I'd get in. I've heard the same thing from other people, including my senior advisor. But I doubted it. I had nagging doubts that maybe I was too old, too out of touch, not quite smart or witty enough - do you know those doubts? Do they sometimes keep you up at night too? I am my own worst critic. No matter how hard I work I think I could do more, do better, go beyond. But not today - today I am silencing my inner critic.

And I'll sleep like a log tonight.


ChiTown Girl said...

Hey!! Congratulations!! I never had a doubt. :)

Pat said...

Congrats! When you're super famous I can say I knew you since you were a little girl.

Jeanne said...

No doubt in our minds Katy. You are older but wiser because you raised 3 little darlings and have more experience multi-tasking. You not only know your schedule and time frame but those of your family.
Never doubt your ability and smarts, leave it up to those better qualified. Your kids will always tell you that you don't understand and they will think that you are the dumbest person since_________ (fill in the blank).
Congratulations Katy,on your well deserved recognition.